Wednesday, July 16, 2014

being carried

it went like this...
in my head and heart

i said go ahead
without me
do what you want
it's not for me
don't waste my time

an unspoken plea
"help me get over this"
in my head and heart
i wanted to heal

a musical message
left on my phone
from her
Be Still My Soul
and i was

so, off to show up
not reluctant

then it happened
my head and heart
again, and random
but it never is
i walked into a room
"and a little child shall lead them"
this same one who sent the song
music subtle in our space

Be Still My Soul
and we were
moved, in awe

being carried
seeing the wide expanse
a repeated confirmation
He knows
He always cares

a personal witness
"the Lord is on thy side"


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

to the sea

I wish I knew the artist whose heart must share my love.
Kids, ocean, pails of sand, sea creatures, the smell ...

Soon I will be there
Embracing those waves as they crash over me
Soon I will feel alive like nothing else can do for me
quite the same way
Soon my children and theirs will share this love
my longing will be satisfied.

Finally my ears will hear waves
and I will be the last to leave my love
each day I am there.


Monday, May 12, 2014

three things

It was the Saturday before Mother's Day
lovely small hoop earrings
a gift from my Chicago gal

 I came into the kitchen to find this lovely surprise
Pink with a touch of Violet
a gift from my sweetheart
a tender note that made my heart skip a beat
He's good to me that way.

 My mother passed just before Mother's day
eleven years ago
I miss her
I always bring a Coke
"mother's milk" she once said.
this Saturday
my companion and I
filled with meaningful

I loved Mother's Day this year probably more than any other.
Even though I missed my LarLar
I so enjoyed those seven children that I cared for "as if in a dream."

My life is really a dream come true.
How many people feel that way?
--not so many. (am i bragging?)